Where is the gas pedal on your business?

You’re an experienced founder that’s identified a real market problem for a real customer. You bring a lot of value to the table but this is the first time you’ve been CEO from day 1 of a high growth venture backable tech business. You’ve started to build your team, you have a product in the market, you’re generating some early revenue but you still haven’t really achieved lift off. StartFast is a different type of investment firm specifically looking for founders like you. We bring more to the equation than just capital. Our goal is to help you figure out where the gas pedal is on your business so that you can triple the company’s value by the time you raise your next funding round. StartFast is a pre-seed venture fund that makes 5 new investments each year with a primary focus on SaaS, ecommerce, marketplace, and IoT businesses. We work directly with founders to help build repeatable scalable business models, raise large amount of funding at higher valuations, and grow your team to accelerate growth. We invest $50,000 up front and ask for 5% common stock and will selectively invest up-to $750,000 in follow-on funding rounds. We also leverage our network of exited entrepreneurs, investors, corporate executives, and subject matter experts to help take your company to the next level. By focusing on just 5 companies each year it allows us to dedicate the time, resources, networks, and energy needed to truly add value to each founding team. 

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Why raising VC shouldn't be sexy                                              

As of this writing in November 2019 venture capital dollars are cheaper than they have been in a while. Partially as a result of that, there’s a growing trend among early-stage founders to chase too much capital too early and above all else. My perspective is..

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Why experienced founders choose StartFast

StartFast partners with experienced founders solving real problems for real customers and helps them take their business to the next level. Our goal is to invest in you and help you figure out where the gas pedal is on your growth.

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Automation Intellect (StartFast '18) closes global sale!

Automation Intellect (StartFast ‘18) recently announced the team closed a Master Services Agreement with Mann + Hummel, the world's largest manufacturer of filter products.

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