Building a business is really hard

Time is not on your side, scaling is expensive, you’re strapped for resources, and fundraising can seem like a long, difficult, and mysterious process. We get that. Everyone involved in StartFast has felt that pain personally. We’re full-life-cycle entrepreneurs who understand the challenges founders face especially in the early-days. We created StartFast to provide founders with more than just seed funding. We want to be an extension of the founding team and to provide entrepreneurs with the resources, the network, and the funding to scale as fast as possible. We also recognize that it’s hard to help 50 companies at once. In order to truly add value to your team we concentrate our efforts by focusing on a select few. That’s why we only invest in 5 companies per year so that we know we can be there when you need us most. We look for high potential teams where we can add value by: creating a scalable sales process, reducing the sales cycle time, bringing key people onto the team, connecting with channel and service partners, and positioning the business to raise larger rounds of funding. When StartFast makes an investment, we view ourselves are partners incentivized to do everything we can to help the company grow in value as fast as possible. In fact, it’s our goal for every company we invest in to triple in value before raising their next round. That way everyone wins: we minimize dilution for founders, we leverage investor capital efficiently, and we’ve increased the value for shareholders.

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How market leaders can drive disruption that new entrants can’t

In last week's post "When your tech roadmap gets too far ahead of your business" I discussed how the best path to rapid growth often begins with intense focus on your core business until you can solidify yourself as the market leader...

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Why experienced founders choose StartFast

StartFast partners with experienced founders solving real problems for real customers and helps them take their business to the next level. Our goal is to invest in you and help you figure out where the gas pedal is on your growth.

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Automation Intellect (StartFast '18) closes global sale!

Automation Intellect (StartFast ‘18) recently announced the team closed a Master Services Agreement with Mann + Hummel, the world's largest manufacturer of filter products.

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