We invest to help founders go from early revenues and angel money to hockey stick growth and larger VC rounds.

Who we target:

  • Software & IoT companies
  • Revenue generating (>$5K MRR tells us you're onto something)
  • Experienced founding teams (industry experience, management experience, previously employed at another startup, etc.)
  • Can scale quickly with access to capital and the right network

StartFast backs founders who are looking for more than just a check from their early investors. We'll invest $50,000 up front and work directly with your founding team to help you achieve hockey stick growth. We'll plug you into a world-class network of exited entrepreneurs, investors, and corporate executives to help you find crucial advisors and board members. We'll help you recruit the right early employees, fill out your management team, and engage top service providers. In exchange we ask for 5% common stock (no special preferences or controlling rights). We'll then help you fill out larger rounds of capital by taping into our network of investors and selectively invest up-to $750,000 ourselves.

FastThoughts Blog

StartFast is a unique value-add pre-seed venture firm

The first thing you're likely to read when you come to our website is the following "experienced founders solving real problems for real customers". That phrase did not come about by accident but rather from our own customer discovery...

StartFast TV

Why experienced founders choose StartFast

StartFast partners with experienced founders solving real problems for real customers and helps them take their business to the next level. Our goal is to invest in you and help you figure out where the gas pedal is on your growth.

StartFast Updates

Automation Intellect (StartFast '18) closes global sale!

Automation Intellect (StartFast ‘18) recently announced the team closed a Master Services Agreement with Mann + Hummel, the world's largest manufacturer of filter products.

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