As an Associate at StarFast, you will have the opportunity to help build and develop a promising group of Internet startup companies in Syracuse, NY. You will also be able to substantially grow your personal and professional network by connecting with a wide variety of experienced mentors, entrepreneurs and investors. From participating in mentor meetings to attending many community-wide social events, StartFast Associates gain a unique perspective into the startup world and beyond.

Applicant Profile
StarFast Associates are current/recent students (undergraduate or graduate) with expertise in design, engineering, computer science, business or law. Associates are also expected to have a demonstrated interest in technology, startups, entrepreneurship and/or venture capital. Associates should be willing to commit to a three month full time position at StartFast (summer 2017). While scheduling is flexible, we expect a strong commitment that involves working whenever needed. Applicants should possess a wide skill set and will be responsible for completing any task, large or small, in a quick and effective manner. Most of all, Associates should carry a lot of enthusiasm and have a willingness to learn and meet new people.

General Job Description
Associate tasks will include assisting with the daily operations of the StartFast program and providing assistance for the companies in areas of need. Examples of tasks include: research, preparing for and organizing events, marketing, business development, providing content for social media, organizing meetings,  taking notes at meetings, and running the logistics for special mentor visits. Associates will report to the Managing Director(s) of the program. While this internship pays in many potential connections and opportunities, please note that the position is unpaid.

Application Process
To apply, email with a brief statement of interest and the URL for your Linkedin Profile.

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