2017 Teams

Escala11 (Brazil) Escala11 is a daily fantasy sports website for Brazilian soccer fans .Users pay a fee to compete in a contest and win cash.
Website: www.escala11.com
Founding Team: Gustavo Oliviera, CEO; Rachel Miana, COO

Hubble (Germany) Hubble is a community focused mobile application which offers a unique opportunity for users to discover local like minded individuals and continue the conversation outside of their regular meetups.
Website: www.heyhubble.com
Founding Team: Philip Kuklis, CEO; Kamil Kuklis, COO

Mirage-3D (Ithaca, NY) Mirage-3D allows gym members to take a 3D scan of themselves and pull precise body measurements to better track their fitness progress.
Website: www.mirage-3d.com
Founding Team: Alex Rablau, CEO; Sam Stevens, COO

RepHike (Buffalo, NY & India) RepHike is a 21st century campus marketing solution. Brands can now recruit from thousands of pre-qualified brand ambassadors, manage an entire campaign, and track their program’s success all from a single platform.
Website: www.rephike.com
Founding Team: Shashank Roy, CEO; Olivia Goldstein, COO; Abhishek Menon, CTO

VidToTeach (Albany, NY) VidToTeach provides an organized environment for dance class to continue outside of the studio. Dance teachers and students can upload videos and communicate while they are practicing between lessons.
Website: www.vidtoteach.com
Founding Team: Kevin Danaher, CEO; Firmin Alexander, Marketing & Sales

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