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Escala11 is passionate about disrupting the way Brazilian Soccer fans experience and show their love for the sport. We are the first and largest daily fantasy soccer website in the Brazilian market. With over 40k users and 200k facebook followers we are working to continue to grow and lead the market.
Website: www.escala11.com
CEO: Gustavo Oliveira
Email: gustavo@escala11.com
Phone: 302 727-1599


Hubble is a location-based Q&A app that gives you the ability to ask about anything nearby and get personal answers from other people around you. It’s much easier than browsing through dozens of reviews and websites, because it’s highly intuitive and it removes all complexities of finding hyperlocal information. In short, we aim not to become another reviewing platform, but to take the experience of asking a stranger for directions and scale it.
Website: www.askhubble.com
CEO: Philip Kuklis
Email: hello@askhubble.com


Mirage-3D (Ithaca NY) builds mobile 3D body scanning software for the apparel, medical, and fitness industries. Customers can take detailed body scans and measurements on their iPad using the M3DScan app. Scans can be used to  track fitness, manufacture orthotics, and make custom-fit clothing.
Website: www.mirage-3D.com
CEO: Alex Rablau

rEPhIKE - NEW (1)

RepHike enables brands to connect with student organizations and campus reps to scale their campus marketing and manage their brand ambassador program.
Website: https://www.rephike.com
CEO: Shashank Roy
Email: shashank@rephike.com
Phone: 716 578-4613


TeachMe is a secure mobile platform for sequential learning that provides a organized and efficient way to practice. As a platform, we are not limited to just team sports or dance. We believe in providing a secure, reliable, and convenient environment for students to develop and grow their craft.
Website: www.teachme.dance
CEO: Jen Hogan
Email: jennifer@teachmeinfo.com
Phone: 518-313-6053



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