2015 Teams


SmartyPans is a modern day cooking system comprising of a smart cooking pan and a free recipe app. They interact with each other via bluetooth, providing live cooking feedback to the user. We let users to select a recipe from the SmartyPans app or use their own and speak to the pan and tell it what ingredients they are adding. Our app calculates nutrition information in real time and also integrates with health and fitness trackers, enabling the user to import nutrition intake directly into apps like MyFitnessPal and FitBit.
Website: http://www.smartypans.io
Founding Team: Prachi Baxi; Rahul Baxi


Mogee lets users send hilarious and sarcastic moving emojis in messaging, allowing expression in ways that words simply cannot match. The 3rd party keyboard works with existing messengers like iMessage and Google Hangouts, and users can build a personalized and curated Mogee library through the Mogee Pack Store. Mogee will become the Amazon.com of 3rd party keyboards, centralizing the market by featuring content from independent illustrators and brands. Mogee’s long-term vision is to reshape consumer behavior by creating a universal image-based language, and to integrate the web browser directly into messaging.
Website: http://www.mogeeapp.com
Founding Team: Shuai Payne; Michael Moore


BitReady is a platform that simplifies Bitcoin for the average consumer. Unlike credit cards, no payment information is attached to Bitcoin transactions and the processing fee is generally 0%. Because retailers don’t need to pay a processing fee, they pass the savings along to the customer. We allow our customers to connect their bank account and instantly spend their dollars as Bitcoin, bypassing the need to understand the technology in order to use it. We not only secure our customers’ payments, but also save them money at the same time.
Website: http://bitready.io
Founding Team: Patrick Kelly; Michael Young

Electronic Gaming Federation

The Electronic Gaming Federation is an electronic sports company working to establish an NCAA equivalent for competitive gaming including titles such as League of Legends, Dota 2, and Starcraft. The company also produces eSports media including live broadcasts of events, news, and eSports analysis.
Website: http://www.egfederation.com
Founding Team: Tyler Schrodt; Rockie Hunter; Josh Roberts; Ryan Vazquez


Hoverstat is an innovative software platform that creates true-to-scale models from aerial images. At the push of a button, HoverStat deploys a smart drone that collects structural analytics, allowing inspectors to print out a detailed report in a matter of days.
Website: http://www.hoverstat.com
Founding Team: Leanne Eckelberg; Mark Sapp

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