2014 Teams

Instamour (Philadelphia, PA) Instamour allows you to create real relationships via video profiles, live video chat, virtual phone calls, and instant messaging without giving away your personal information. (Contact Instamour)

PlatypusTV (Syracuse, NY) Platypus TV is a social platform that time-stamps conversations to television episodes, allowing for a shared experience no matter the time. (Contact PlatypusTV)

Wyzerr (Berkeley, CA) Wyzerr is a communication platform that helps businesses target, engage, and better understand their customers. We help customers communicate feedback directly to the business at point-of-sale. (Contact Wyzerr)

Zursh (San Diego, CA and Chile) Zursh is a research engine connecting enterprise requests with researchers. For professionals, Zursh minimizes the time, cost and complexity of getting quality, hard-to-find data. (Contact Zursh)

Mass Mosaic (Kingston, NY) Mass Mosaic is a website of WANTS and HAVES. You can exchange anything with anyone! (Contact Mass Mosaic)

Interface Foundry (New York, NY) Interface Foundry lets you browse and build personalized data bubbles. (Contact Interface Foundry)

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