2013 Teams

Glyphr (Syracuse, NY) Glyphr (now rebranded SpinCar) lets publishers create highly engaging content and advertising.  The company’s 3D viewer and 3D content creation tools deliver an amazing interactive experience for tablet apps and traditional websites. (www.spincar.com)
WedWu (Fort Lauderdale, FL) WedWu is like Priceline for weddings.  Wedwu users can set a budget for photography, video and DJ services and then go ahead with the rest of their planning for the big event. Wedwu guarantees high quality services within the user’s budget. (www.wedwu.com)
Falcon (Los Angeles, CA) Falcon is a mobile app that guides people and connects them with organizers and brands in places with high foot traffic. Use it at festivals, colleges, fairs, and more. (www.thefalconapp.com)
Symcircle (Houston, TX) Symcircle creates private networks that allow individuals within fraternities, sororities, and professional associations to connect, collaborate, and make online payments. (symcircle.com)
Calester (Toronto, Canada) Calester organizes event listings from across the web and curates events that match your interest. (calester.com)


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